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PGF - Our History

Innovative Solutions was established in 1998 and became part of the Richard Whittaker Ltd. family in 2006. Since then it has gone from strength to strength supplying top quality gluten-free and allergen-free ingredients to commercial customers, the NHS and direct to our own customers.

In the early days we supplied largely to those who had been diagnosed with coeliac disease via prescriptions, however, as demand for gluten-free foods grew so did our number of commercial clients. We now supply more than 20 separate gluten-free ingredients in a variety of packs and pack sizes and we continue to add to this range as high quality grains become available.

As the demand for home baking ingredients has grown so has the demand for good quality, reliable recipes. We have tested and created dozens of baking recipes for our customers and this has become an integral part of the service we offer.

Pure Gluten Free
PGF Facilities

We have a dedicated gluten-free blending room in which all the equipment is reserved exclusively for the blending and processing of our gluten-free products.

There are the strictest controls in place to ensure that no contamination occurs, and those controls begin in the field where the crop is grown. Both our products and equipment are tested regularly to ensure that they remain free from gluten, and we also have products tested with an approved independent UKAS laboratory.

Our factory has a BRC Grade A rating which gives our customers complete peace of mind, and we practice Lean principles throughout the company: it isn’t just the ‘what’ we do, but the ‘how’ we do that is important.

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Our purpose is to provide high quality “free-from” products which you can be sure are safe.

Our production site facility has a dedicated gluten-free blending and packing room along with a baking and testing kitchen. To give you peace of mind we employ staff with a pathology background, and all products are ELISA tested to ensure that no cross contamination has occurred anywhere in the food chain, from grower to the final retail/prescription pack that you use in your kitchen.

We monitor many aspects of product safety as part of our Grade A BRC rating and are happy to discuss any specific dietary needs you may have.

PGF Products

We feel strongly that those with coeliac disease or other food intolerances should have access to foods which are similar in texture and taste to those that contain gluten or other allergens. Pure Gluten Free provide basic building block products that allow you to create great tasting foods and at a reasonable cost. We aim to provide natural ingredients which offer good nutritional value and blends which allow you to bake and create foods which not only look familiar, but taste exactly how you want them to.

You can view our range of products below – they are all available to buy from our dedicated Pure Gluten Free Website.